NIJ Bulletproof vest

  • Model Number: Bulletproof Vest
  • Color: Black,ACU,olive green

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    Product Characteristics
    1. Perfect ballistic performance. The soft bulletproof vest could be qualified with all levels of USA NIJ standard 0101.04 by increasing or removing layers of PE UD. 
    2. Upgrading protection level. The pockets at front and bear of the outer coat are for inserting hard armor plates, which could upgrade the protection level to NIJ level III or IV to prevent against r-ifles, such as 7.62*39mm AK47, 7.62*51mm NATO M14, 5.56*45mm M16, and 7.62*63mm M2 AP bullets. 
    3. Tactical functions. MOLLE system for accessories that necessary for the wearers. 
    4. Durability. The outer coat’s made from reliable POLY/COTTON/NYLON/CORDURA, which is waterproof, flame resistance, long-wearing, tear-resistance and easily washable according to your requirements. Colors are optional from BLACK, OLIVE GREEN, WOODLAND, DERSERT CAMO, TO SEA BLUE, WHITE, ACU and any you want.

    Protection level

    NIJ IIIA  9mm/.44

    Protection performance

    Can resist 9mm FMJ RN bullets and .44 SJHP bullets

    Protection area

     L=0.33  XL=0.36 XXL=0.39


    Outsider layer 600D oxford fabric, which has abilities of waterproof, flame retarding, anti-infrared rays and abrasion resistance.
    Insider layers kevlar/PE




    black, or by order


    5pcs/ ctn


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